Jersey Shore - We've Got a Situation!

Last time Snooki was placed on the 2nd place on my list of 5 Top Celebrities promoted by MTV. Nicole Polizzi is known for her participation in Jersey Shore, and today I would like to present you some controversies that arouse after the release of this show. Maybe not all of you are familiar with the fact, that Jersey Shore is most viewed series telecast ever: its popularity was rising with every season, and the season's 3 episodes were watched by almost 9 milion viewers (quite a lot, huh?)

So good ratings suggest that there must be something special in this show. It is not only the most popular reality television series, but also one of the most controversial. First of all, members of the cast describes themselves as guidos and guidettes and even MTV promoted the show as presenting 'eight of the hottest, tannest, craizest Guidos'. If you don't know, guido is a slang term, refering to a lower-class or working-class urban Italian-American and according to Wikipedia 'more recently, it has come to refer to Italians who conduct themselves as thugs with an overtly macho attitude.' Italian American organizations criticized the use of this terms in Jersey Shore, claiming that 'it is racial stereotyping in the worst possible sense' (these are words of Andre DiMino, UNICO National President)

Italian-American organizations were not only upset with the use of the word "Guido" in the program, but also with the general image of Americans of Italian origins that Jersey Shore presents. UNICO National wanted MTV to cancel the show, claiming that 'MTV has festooned the 'bordello-like' house set with Italian flags and red, white and green maps of New Jersey while every other cutaway shot is of Italian signs and symbols. They are blatantly as well as subliminally bashing Italian-Americans with every technique possible.' This opinion also was shared by National Italian American Foundation, The Order Sons of Italy in America (the oldest Italian American fraternal organization in the U.S.) and by Italian Aware website.

Another controversies were connected with the incident taking place in one of the bar in Seaside Heights. You can watch what happened here:


As you can see, Snooki was attacked by some man in the bar (he was angry because Snooki was mad at him for stealing her drink). The scene with suffering Snooki was presented together with a public service announcement against violence towards women. The assailant turned out to be a physical education teacher from New York, who was arrested, suspended from his positions at schools, and finally fined $500 and given a 6-month suspended jail sentence (I'm cuorios to know what punishment would he get in Poland...)

Another issue is tanning, that is omnipresent in the show. A lot of people, including a dermatologist Dr. Seth Forman, criticized Jersey Shore for promoting tanning. They claim that members of the cast have negative influence on young people, as they always emphasize how important tanning is.

Although I didn't mention all of the controversies of Jersey Shore, we can see that just a few people stay indifferent to this show. And of course, the more controversial show is, the more popular it becomes. No matter how many people criticize the cast members, Jersey Shore still has a lot of fans, even the youngest one :) :



As we have already stated, MTV is not about music anymore. This station is rather filled with TV shows promoting... hmm.... yeah, that's the question ;) During the last decade we can observe more and more 'stars' famous just for being famous. In this note I would like to take a closer look at people (more precisely women) who gained their popularity thanks to MTV shows and started to appear on the red carpet just because of their well-knowness. Here is my list of TOP 5 MTV Celebrities:

Daisy de la Hoya
Daisy de la Hoya was born in 1976 in California, however, she grew up in Denver. What's her job? Well, media describe her as television personality. She first appeared on Rock of Love 2--reality show presenting Bret Michaels (Poison'sDaisy of Love, in which twenty guys fight for Daisy's love... front man) looking for his perfect match. Daisy got into final, but unfortunately Bret didn't pick her :( Broken hearted Daisy decided not to break down and... she got her own reality dating show Daisy of Love, in which twenty guys fight for Daisy's heart... 

Tila Tequila
Her real name is Tila Nguyen and she was born in Singapore in 1981 and moved to the U.S. when she was a teenager. Then she started her adenture with acting and modeling (for instance for Playboy). Most people know her because of the reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila in which 16 man and 16 women compete for Tila's affection. Unfortunately, after 2 seasons of the show Tila still didn't find her soul mate. As we can see, looking for love is not easy...

Holly Madison

Holly Madison (born in 1978 in Astoria, Oregon) is probably one of the most recognizable Playboy Bunnies. We could watch her together with Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Winlkinson in The Girls Next Door, reality tv series presenting life of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. After her relationship with Hef ended, she took part in Dancing with the Stars, she started starring in Peepshow burlesque show in LA and did many other things, like hosting world's largest bikini parade on Las Vegas. Oh, and now of course she has her own reality show, Holly's World, presenting all these interesting events from her life.

Nicole Polizzi
Probably you don't recognize this name, but if you have seen at least one episode of Jersey Shore you know Snooki. As she writes on her Facebook, her essentials are "tanning, music, gorillas, best friends, FAMILY♥, and working my way to be Mizz Boss Lady :)". Polizzi appears in many TV programs, she has her own collections of jewelry and slippers and she even wrote a book, entitled A Shore Thing. In 2011 she received $32 000 for a speech at Rudgers University, giving general advice "study hard, but party harder". What is more, "America's #1 Party Girl" appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Being on the cover of famous music magazine for being party animal, that's how Snooki does it ;) 

Kim Kardashian
 Ok, at the beginning it was her sex tape and not MTV that made her popular. However, let's be honest - if she didn't appear in reality television series about her family, probably most of people would forget about this lady long time ago. Kimberly is a daughter of Robert Kardashian, an atorrney best known for his role in the trial of O.J. Simpson (who was his close friend). Few years after Kim's father's death program Keeping Up with the Kardashians started. This reality show presents life of the whole family, with the special focus on Kim and her sisters--Khloe and Kourtney. Kim also appears in the other MTV production, Kourtney and Kim Take New York about two sisters opening their D-A-S-H store in NY. She is also a model and occasionally an 'actress', like Holly Madison she took part in Dancing with the Stars and has her own perfume line. And of course, we can meet her on almost every party and ceremony.



There is one special day when I don't mind MTV's being not a music television. The 1st December has been dedicated to MTV Staying Alive program for 10 years.
MTV STAYING ALIVE campaign fights against AIDS in various ways.
One of them is to shock.

"SHOT" campaign by Spanish MTV:


It is okay, when MTV rocks changes into MTV shocks in order to save one's life. 

Some may suggest that such a campaign is a sign of hypocrisy. Whole year of sexy saucy  dumb girls seducing even dumber guys in MTV's shows. Body contests- who  , you think, has the sexiest body? Let's put these  sexy asses in right order!
MTV, like any other "music" stations, propagates sexuality as measurement of man's value. If you ain't got plastic boobs (which by the way should be more uncovered then covered) and if you don't wear a mini skirt and shake your hips while walking... we're very sorry. You're the average gray persona. No one would ever date ya. God forbid, I dare say you're a virgin! (YUK!)

And just one day when we're all becoming equal in the eyes of MTV. We're mortals. Wow, now it seems that sexy chicks are greater mortals then any gray Durchschnittsmensch. We are shocked by the images of people spreading death during the intercourse. Next evening, we're watching Jersey Shore people screwing like rabbits just for entertainment. The cycle is closed.


For more information about Staying Alive Campaign visit:



Happy New Year!

No matter what kind of music you listen to we wish you Happy New Year !
May your favorite band/artist release super album and may this album be cheap like borsch so you won't be forced to download it from net !

May the fortune be generous to you and you'll win a ticket for Heineken Opener Festival 2011 in Babie Doły in Gdynia!

May the Pimp My Ride crew  renovate your old wrecked  car!
May your parents  accept your finance so there won't  be the need to ridicule them in Parental Control!

Now here's to MUSIC!


Music Defines Your Identity

Myspace in your space
Facebook is a new place
Dip divin’ socializin’
I’ll be out in cyber space
Google is my professor
Wikipedia checker
Checkin my account
Loggin in and loggin out
Baby I want it..

As The Black Eyed Peas clever band have noticed... we are the NOW generation. I am as much NOW as I can be. I am a material girl longing for endless zeros on my bank account. I am a facebook addict -  the 'being on-line' temptation seems  irresistible to me. I know what defines the person I am in the eyes of NOW GENERATION. NOW GENERATION is exposed to the perfect matches. How could Fergie and her lovely guys forget about the most essential part?
We are the 'music-conscious' generation.

Let's assume that you're a trip-hop fan. You love Portishead, Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, Tricky, Lamb, etc. Your thoughts are pleasantly flowing while listening to this kind of music. You're the type of demanding listener. Focused. You receive the telephatic message from the artist. His vision in your mind. Yeah, that seems mystic.

And now. It's natural that you want to share this feeling. Lying on your bed, looking at the ceilling with this thrill in you chest when you find out again how much these lyrics reflect your life.Yeah, it's already under your skin.
So, you take your cute boyfriend's Ipod in your hand in order to check if he shares your passion.
Imagine your disilusionment when you encounter such ambitious masterpieces :

Don't worry. There is a way to avoid such unforgivable mistakes in the nearest future.
We are the NOW generation. We look for the perfect matches.

Just log in at www.last.fm -  the web site which creates your music profile by scrobbling the tunes that you have listened to on your PC and mp3player. Not only does this great tool specify your music taste but also suggests new artists that suit your taste. 

Finally, last.fm provides you with PERFECT MATCHES. You are now able to find your  'music soulmate' ! Isn't it terrific?
Music defines your identity.Don't you hesitate to share it!
Remember the old saying?
Let's update it.
Scrobble your Itunes, you never know when someone's falling in love with the melodies in your head.



how to lose your brain in 5 steps

Sunday. In most cases it is a free-of-any-important-work day and an excellent excuse to lie down in front of a TV watching ‘some good stuff.’ If you expect (naively) to watch ‘some good stuff’ on MTV channel, then you will be not prepared (and therefore more prone to it) for the crap, that this music television is offering us (as the break between the ads). I’ll present you a short guide of the most idiotic, brainless, and, at the same time, the most popular shows appearing currently on MTV:

1) My Own… - To this program people come with mental disorders (in love with a famous singer) who pick their ideal ‘sweetheart’ (ideal - namely Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Doda, etc) from the bunch of unknown youngsters resembling him/her (in about 0,01%). What is really funny is that they absolutely believe that this Chinese boy  is almost like P. Diddy and this little chubby girl is a next Ciara. But (!) it is not that easy to pick one lover – the participants have to go through different competitions, show their videos (where they explain what is so special about them), and finally sing something. While the first parts are almost bearable, the last one is a rape for your ears and eyes. If you like going to extremes, this show is for you.

2) Date My Mom. – An ideal show for desperate singles who search for their new never lasting love by sending their mothers on the date instead of themselves.  It is a show for different nationalities and orientation, the only rule is: your mother has to be more crazy than you are. Actually, after watching one episode I got the impression that it was the mothers that were desperately looking for a new date, rather than their children. Anyway – in both cases the image of a child-mother relation got twisted – you can no longer tell who is more mature. 

3) A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila. – Tila Tequila (a famous individual of whom you have never heard before) is rich and ‘beautiful,’ and desperately looks for romantic love (she’s bisexual). So she invites (or I should rather say that MTV invites) a group of men and women to her house, and organizes competitions that would help her to pick the right man/woman. Every week the elimination takes place where she has to eliminate one girl and one boy (“Obviously, you are not in love with me!”) and where the rest is drinking tequila shots. And the prize for the winner is.. simply Tila Tequila. 

4) My Super Sweet Sixteen. – If your parents are wealthy and have no idea what to do with their money and golden credit cards (how many ponies can you simply have?) then call MTV and ask them to film your birthday party – preferably your Sweet Sixteen. Spend all you daddy’s cash on ponies, cars, pink dress, dresses for your friends, the most expensive hairdresser in the whole USA, and, most importantly, for your PARTY (with fairy tales, with Moulin Rouge motif, with go-go dancers, with famous singers and with the most expensive gifts ever). “My party is the best!” if not – you do not count in this world.

But the winner is..

5) Jersey Shore. – What is a recipe for the most famous TV show? Pick 4 girls and 4 boys and send them to the house in Jersey where they can party all the time, and document every day of their visit. After one season (3 months) of their stay you get as much spicy and controversial moments as you wish. So what you get is drinking, drinking, sex, partying, kissing, sex, drinking and so on. Sometimes they go to work, but it is the most boring stuff (not suitable for the MTV) and can spoil the whole show. In the end they have all became celebrities, guests on important parties and they earn money just because they can. For nothing.  


About Going Postal

Everyone knowns that MTV is no more music television. Everybody also claims that it feeds us stupid shows and went away from its' first mission. But did anybody interested what does MTV really lack? I know you didn't , so I did the work for you. Not so long time ago -- yesterday evening I sat down in front of TV, prepared a huge doze of patience and chips, took a pencil in my hand and prepared a short list of what makes me going postal :

1. The Journalism 
Unfortunately, today's MTV program does not base on any kind of journalism. I wonder when was the last time when I saw anybody who works in there. Maybe those people do not want to confess that this is their job? I really feel like somebody is sitting on the other side of the glass monitor and plays music that even he is not interested in. Some kind of robot. Anyway, MTV offers no more programs about music, no interviews or even artists plans. You will not get a chance to find out if your favorite band prepares new album, but you will definitely see them smoking joint during the party. This is not a journalism, this is bullshit.  Such type of "news" could be found in any bolivars magazine. But the big media should be based on the work of journalists -- looking for information, trying find everything the audience wants, preparing authorized information. There are even less and less shows where even presenters are needed. This television seems to become more and more impersonal. 

2. The only one perfect kind of music
MTV plays the only right kind of music – music for the masses. During two hours of watching video clips, I was not able to see anything that I wouldn’t had known before. Pop, electronic, rap (?!), pop, electronic, rap. It offers very  narrow range of music, though it claims to hit the youth target.
Someone on the other side seems to forget that there are more than three kinds of music. And MTV- as a channel offering the boarding of music horizons, should especially promote new music movements (for example Trip Hop). It is getting more and more closed and makes the potential viewer more and more bored.
3. Reality shows
I do not understand what is going on with this trend. Really. I suppose that such TV shows bring the solution for  people with problems, the psychoanalysis is out!. Examples: Are you looking for a friend? No problem, join Paris Hilton's My New BFF. No one wants to party with you? Jersey Shore!  Do you feel alone in live? A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila or –so greedy— A Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins.   Reality shows are just a waste of time and waste of words, so no comments. 

Results? Impersonality, the boredom and peeping are not a formula for a success. 
These are my really subjective feelings of what MTV lacks. Do you agree with me? Or maybe do you found something different? Write, I will gladly argue : )